Love Song for Chicago


Dream Chicago was founded by music lovers--singers, songwriters, performers and players.  

We have a love song planted deep in our history, spontaneously written then performed and recorded by several members of the founding Dream Chicago team.  It was a deeply personal song, from our hearts to the city we love.  This year, we are engaging the wider musical community in Chicago. 

You carry a rhythm, a melody, a song...do you resonate with us?

We have fallen into the place where everything is music.
— Rumi





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School's out for the summer, but we're still dreaming! See you this fall...

We're mapping a city by its dreams

Chicago is a world-class city with top-rated tourist attractions, an artistic vitality and cultural vibrancy second to none, and is a hub of diversity, innovation, and excellence. It is already "on the map" for too many reasons to name.  Here, we are putting Chicago's dreams on the map.  All 3million+ of them, from all 77+ communities--we want to know each neighborhood by the dreams on its streets and in the hearts of its people.   Starting with yours.



Dreams are pictures of a future reality you want to pull into the present. You may not know how to get there, make it happen, or take the next step, but your heart knows what "could be" even when it's hard to detach from "what is."

Select which category best describes the most impossible dream on your heart, or create your own. (Example: a "relational" dream might be "to reconcile with my best friend." A "creative" dream might be to "support myself through my art" or "have my own studio.")
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